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Back in the summer of 2012, I remember feeling that the winds of change were moving swiftly in our direction. My feelings were not mistaken and the swiftness of the change occurred as quickly as it came. I became pregnant with Oliver almost simultaneously with closing down our plumbing business and leaving our Pender Island life for a fresh start on the coast.

We’ve been here just over a year. It has been a whirlwind of adjusting, making new friends, undergoing strenuous times with landlords and renovations, having a new baby, Jesse being laid off for two months just in time for our new arrival, getting his job back only to be laid off and rehired again and finally now with only another six months left until he is once again unemployed.

Yes…change is inevitable. Where will it take us? What does it look like?

These boys of ours keep us on our toes in the mean time.


We took Shae out for his first time trick-or-treating. Mama put together the costume that day so what else could he be but the cutest little hobo in the neighbourhood!Image

And because I think my boys are just so cute, here are a couple bonus shots. 😛


Autumn leaves mark the change in seasons. Perhaps they also mark the beginning of the change in our season of life…


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